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The Principal's Leadership Counts!
The Principal's Leadership Counts!

The Principal's Leadership Counts!

Launch a Baldrige-Based Quality School

Margaret A. Byrnes, Jeanne C. Baxter

Softcover, 220 pages, Published 2005
Dimensions: 8 1/2 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-87389-679-5
Item Number: H1273

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  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Baldrige National Quality Program


This is a book for principals, and it should also prove helpful to school leaders in central office or at the building level. The authors wrote it to build knowledge and give support to these principals because their experience shows that the Baldrige criteria, practiced with quality tools and continuous process improvement, produces outstanding results.

Readers will learn more about the Baldrige framework and what it takes to reach school-wide excellence, and gain the skills to start your school on the journey to performance excellence. The chapters focus on the criteria aspects that the authors believe are necessary for everyone’s journey. The ends of chapters 3-7 include a self-assessment checklists to be use as a measurement stick on your journey to performance excellence.

This book is a companion to There is Another Way! Launch a Baldrige-based Quality Classroom and can be helpful as you work with teachers to support their Baldrige efforts.

"This is an excellent resource as you begin the continuous improvement journey. It provides strategies and examples from principals who have successfully implemented the Baldrige framework. It will become your constant companion as you move from good to great!"

  • Diana Lambert-Aikens
    Washington Post Distinguished Educational Leadership Recipient
    Principal, West Gate Elementary
    Manassas, VA