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Reliability Statistics

Reliability Statistics

Robert A. Dovich

Softcover, 93 pages, Published 1999
Dimensions: 7 x 10
ISBN: 978-0-87389-086-1
Item Number: H0601

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  • Reliability


Statistical applications for quality and reliability engineering personnel are provided in this book. It requires no mathematical skills beyond algebra and elementary statistics methods. The book provides solutions to many common reliability applications, gives examples for every operation, and contains many of the statistical applications found on the ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer exam.


  • A great resource for the Certified Quality Engineer and Certified Reliability Engineer's exams!


  • Reliability Definitions
  • Exponential MTBF
  • Censoring and MTBF Calculations
  • Reliability Prediction
  • Confidence Intervals for MTBF
  • System Reliability
  • Bayes' Theorem Application
  • BETA Distribution
  • Nonparametric and Related Test Designs
  • Weibull Distribution
  • Stress-Strength Interference
  • Arrhenius Model
  • Sequential Testing