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How to Use Regression Analysis in Quality Control
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How to Use Regression Analysis in Quality Control

Douglas C. Crocker

PDF, 78 pages, Published 2007
ISBN: 978-0-87389-103-5
Item Number: E3509

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  • regression analysis


This booklet from the ASQ Statistics Division Basic References in Quality Control series presents an in-depth discussion of the use of regression analysis in the quality control field. It presents the material from the practitioner’s viewpoint, written by an engineer with many years of experience. This is not just a statistical treatment of the subject that would be found in most textbooks, but a comprehensive approach to the subject including the specification of goals prior to data collection and the selection of coverage includes the steps to be taken in the modeling process, the method of least squares, a complete numeric example of the one-predictor model, inverse regression (calibration), multiple regression, and techniques for finding causes of quality variation.