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Søren Bisgaard’s Contributions to Quality Engineering (e-book)
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Søren Bisgaard’s Contributions to Quality Engineering (e-book)

Ronald J.M.M. Does, Roger W. Hoerl, Murat Kulahci, G. Geoffrey Vining

PDF, 468 pages, Published 2017
Dimensions: 7 x 10
ISBN: 978-0-87389-956-7
Item Number: E1532

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  • Bisgaard
  • quality engineering
  • design and analysis of experiments
  • time series analysis
  • quality profession
  • healthcare engineering


Søren Bisgaard was an extremely productive and insightful scholar of modern industrial statistics and quality engineering. He was amazing for both his breadth of interests and the depth of his scholarship. Søren was one of the very few people making substantial contributions in so many basic areas in statistics and quality engineering.

This compilation collects 31 of his works and is divided into four broad areas:

  1. Design and Analysis of Experiments
  2. Time Series Analysis
  3. The Quality Profession
  4. Healthcare Engineering

This book provides a comprehensive coverage of essential statistical methods for the 2k-p factorial system and shows the basic principles of time series analysis through examples. Furthermore, this book presents the connection between the application of the scientific method and quality improvement, and it points out the importance of quality improvement to tangible financial results. Finally, this book explains the seemingly paradoxical idea that we can enhance quality while reducing cost of healthcare.