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Baldrige for Leaders, Second Edition (e-book)
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Baldrige for Leaders, Second Edition (e-book)

A Leader’s Guide to Performance Excellence 2017-2018

John Vinyard

PDF, 90 pages, Published 2017
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-87389-951-2
Item Number: E1527

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  • Baldrige Criteria
  • leaders


Learning about the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence (CPE) cannot be delegated to the quality or performance excellence department, consultants, or middle management. While senior leaders need not be experts in the criteria, they must be able to read it, ask questions, and role model the learning. This book is focused on helping leaders understand why each part of the criteria is important.

The CPE framework provides a high-level or “category” view of the holistic nature of the CPE. Within these seven categories and the Organizational Profile there are 19 items. This book is written at the item level.

Also provided is a description of why a leader should care about that portion of the Criteria in the form of "Thoughts for Leaders," which typically include a brief anecdote to bring the
concepts alive for the leaders.

“Leaders must diagnose and understand gaps in strategy and performance. This book is a must read for leaders to understand where to look and why.”

Dr. Glenn Crotty
Executive Vice President, COO
Charleston Area Medical Center
2015 Baldrige Recipient

“More than Category 1 (Leadership), this is a leader’s guide to Excellence. It addresses all seven Baldrige Categories and helps leaders to use Baldrige to lead, learn and excel.”

Paul Worstell
President (Retired)
PRO-TEC Coating Company
2007 Baldrige Recipient