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Baldrige in Plain English, Second Edition (e-book)
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Baldrige in Plain English, Second Edition (e-book)

Understanding Performance Excellence 2017–2018

John Vinyard

PDF, 160 pages, Published 2017
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-87389-950-5
Item Number: E1526

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  • Baldrige Criteria
  • Baldrige Excellence Builder


Reading the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence (CPE) can be challenging; many people have difficulty understanding what all the elements mean on their first (or 10th?) reading. For those who become Baldrige examiners, the Criteria often “come alive” in their third year as an examiner. In that third year, the flow becomes clearer, the linkages make more sense, and the overall process is more evident.

Many people and organizations, however, do not have three years to study and wait. Organizations entering this process need tools that can help them understand the CPE model and process quickly. This book is designed to make the process of understanding the CPE easier.

Following each selection of the CPE is a section with that particular part of the Criteria described in "plain English." This is an introduction to the basics of that particular area. It provides a common sense description of what the CPE questions are asking.

“How I wish I had this guide at the beginning of our Baldrige journey! Baldrige in Plain English not only makes the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence come alive, it provides the linkages that are so critical for accelerating improvement. Whether new to the journey or experienced, John Vinyard has provided us a valuable resource for ongoing learning and improvement.”

Brenda Grant
Chief Strategy Officer
Charleston Area Medical Center
2015 Baldrige Recipient

“Every successful leader understands the importance of continuous improvement. Baldrige in Plain English allows any leader to quickly gain a general understanding of the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence through simple explanations that describe the principles necessary for every organization to achieve excellence.”

Matt Duke
Senior Vice President
San Antonio Methodist Healthcare
2014 Texas Award for Performance Excellence Recipient


"Understanding the language, meaning and subtle connections of the Baldrige framework can be daunting. Baldrige in Plain English artfully translates this complex model into a useable blueprint to start a journey of becoming more process-honoring!”

Pattie Skriba
Vice President
Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
2010 Baldrige Recipient


“As many years (25 or so) as I have been involved with the Baldrige Framework, I still struggle from time to time as to the meaning of the Baldrige language. Baldrige in Plain English helps me with real simple points to understand the underlying theme and how to apply it to our organization.”

Lee Butler
Director of Performance Excellence
Don Chalmers Ford
2016 Baldrige Recipient

“What a marvelous idea ‘Baldrige in Plain English.’  JoAnn Olson Vinyard is ‘brilliant’!”   (She had the original idea for the book.)

Julia Gabaldon
Quality New Mexico