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Coaching Green Belts for Sustainable Success (e-book)
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Coaching Green Belts for Sustainable Success (e-book)

Steve Pollock, Daro Mott

PDF, 204 pages, Published 2015
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-87389-904-8
Item Number: E1479

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  • Six Sigma
  • green belts
  • coaching


Six Sigma Green Belts need support in applying new skills after training, yet there is little research about how this works and even less advice about what support looks like in the field. This book is that missing link in providing coaching tips to support Green Belt projects.

There is an abundant amount of information on the technical, “hard skills” aspects of Six Sigma, while considerably less about the interpersonal side of DMAIC. Research has shown that desirable Green Belt project outcomes are greatly influenced by collaboration issues between the coach and the Green Belt team member, and therefore this text focuses on tips for effective collaboration practices.

Besides being a comprehensive discussion about how to coach Green Belts on their first project, it may also be used to coach subsequent Green Belt projects. A case study of Louisville Metro demonstrates this book’s ideas in the field and includes an example of one of its actual Six Sigma Green Belt projects.