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Process Improvement Simplified

Process Improvement Simplified

A How-to Book for Success in any Organization

James B. King, Francis G. King, Michael W. R. Davis

PDF, 192 pages, Published 2014
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9780873898799
Item Number: E1463

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  • process improvement


Process Improvement Simplified is written for leaders and managers of organizations or enterprises who:

  • Are struggling with their organization’s success
  • Are not satisfied with the current state
  • Are striving to be number one
  • Have heard about the negatives or positives of process improvement (PI) but have never implemented it

But PI is not a panacea; it takes leadership commitment and involvement, plus organizational behavior modification so that PI becomes a disciplined way of life. It entails hard work through dealing with nitty-gritty details.

PI is not just a problem-solving methodology or another quality control tool. In fact, it is not a quality improvement tool like statistical process control or Six Sigma. It is a systematic approach to focus, measure, and redesign a critical process of any organization in order to reduce waste and achieve breakthrough improvement for that process. In this approach, personnel from other functions within the organization will be involved to ensure that the needs of customers and suppliers of the process are correctly reflected and supported.

This is a how-to book with simple examples. A step-by-step method of implementing PI is presented using the example of running a restaurant business.