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Product Safety Excellence
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Product Safety Excellence

The Seven Elements Essential for Product Liability Prevention

Timothy A. Pine

PDF, 136 pages, Published 2012
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-87389-842-3
Item Number: E1432

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  • product safety
  • product development
  • reliability


Product safety problems really waste company resources, alienate consumers, frustrate employees, and leave company stakeholders disgusted. It is easy to understand why most consumer product companies are committed to product safety and why they often seem willing to devote even more resources to increase their organization’s safety commitment. Their logic seems to be that this kind of action will result in higher levels of safety performance.

Achieving excellence in product safety is not about seeking more commitment. It is all about understanding what to do and how to do it using the fine organization one already has.

Product Safety Excellence defines the seven vital elements that are essential to achieving state-of-the-art product safety performance with the benefits of product liability prevention, product quality improvement, and higher levels of consumer trust and loyalty.

This book is appropriate for anyone interested in understanding the concepts underlying product safety excellence. It should especially be read by management and technical personnel with a responsibility and/or desire for eliminating product safety problems and improving profitability and consumer loyalty.