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The Certified Reliability Engineer Handbook, Second Edition (e-book)
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The Certified Reliability Engineer Handbook, Second Edition (e-book)

Donald W. Benbow, Hugh W. Broome

PDF, 403 pages, Published 2013
Dimensions: 7 x 10
ISBN: 978-0-87389-837-9
Item Number: E1424

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NOTE: A new edition of this book is now available.

The reliability engineer is a professional who understands the principles of performance evaluation and prediction to improve product/systems safety, reliability and maintainability. The structure of this book is based on that of the Body of Knowledge specified by ASQ for the Certified Reliability Engineer, which includes design review and control; prediction, estimation, and apportionment methodology; failure mode effects and analysis; the planning, operation and analysis of reliability testing and field failures, including mathematical modeling; understanding human factors in reliability; and the ability to develop and administer reliability information systems for failure analysis, design and performance improvement and reliability program management over the entire product life cycle.

Study questions have been provided, listed by Parts (I–VII) of the Body of Knowledge. A simulated exam approximately half the size of the actual exam, with questions distributed (Parts I–VII) approximately proportional to the information contained in the Body of Knowledge, has also been provided.