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The Lean Doctors Workbook
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The Lean Doctors Workbook

An Application Guide for Transforming Outpatient Clinic Systems with Lean

Aneesh Suneja, Carolyn Suneja

PDF, 104 pages, Published 2010
Dimensions: 81/2 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-87389-813-3
Item Number: E1412

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The content of this workbook is based on the book Lean Doctors: A Bold and Practical Guide to Transforming Healthcare Systems, One Doctor at a Time, and on the authors’ years of transforming care delivery systems with lean. The Six Success Steps discussed in the book are presented here with a focus on implementing them to achieve dramatic and sustainable change. The Success Steps are building blocks; the order in which you apply them matters. They are presented here in an order that has worked in the real world; working through them logically will help you on the path to successful implementation.

Each Success Step includes a practical explanation of the theory and maps that illustrate how that particular step impacts the care process in the context of a detailed case study. The authors use several Lean mapping tools, including lean process maps, spaghetti diagrams, and swim lane diagrams. In addition to illustrating lean concepts and their application in the context of a case study discussed throughout the book, these maps provide instructive examples that can help you create similar maps for the processes you operate.

With its interactive format and step-by-step design, this workbook is ideal for use in the classroom to teach Lean principles, or with a lean project team to guide a clinical implementation. Together with Lean Doctors, this workbook will help the student of lean or the lean project team learn and apply a complete lean system in a healthcare setting.