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The Power of Deduction (e-book)
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The Power of Deduction (e-book)

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis for Design

Michael A. Anleitner

PDF, 208 pages, Published 2010
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-87389-796-9
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  • FMEA


If you really want to improve product designs, you must do more than conceive and develop ideas using intuitive and inductive thinking. While innovation and creativity—which are driven by insight and inductive generalizations—are critically important in today’s competitive world, inspired ideas that are not executed with exquisite attention to detail are, more often than not, doomed to the scrap heap of history.

That’s where a design failure modes and effects analysis (DFMEA) comes in. But like anything, it has to be done well. Even with a clever or exciting design, a poorly developed DFMEA means that there will likely be serious problems with the design, either during the development cycle or after customers begin to use the product, or both.

This book is aimed at engineers, managers, and other professionals who are active participants in product development activities for industrial and commercial products, including design engineers, designers, product engineers, program managers, quality managers and engineers, manufacturing engineers, and business unit managers.

How can you turn DFMEA into the powerful tool that it can become? How should DFMEA be approached? This book answers these questions. It introduces DFMEA, outlines some common mistakes made when doing it, and goes deep into a straightforward but comprehensive 7-step process that will ensure your designs and products are world-class.