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Continuous Improvement in the History and Social Studies Classroom
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Continuous Improvement in the History and Social Studies Classroom

Daniel R. Mccaulley

PDF, 168 pages, Published 2010
Dimensions: 81/2 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-87389-789-1
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  • education
  • history
  • social studies
  • L to J


Frustration! It is part of every educator’s work environment. At a time when the advent of the internet should have made access to information on history, economics, current affairs, and world geography a snap (or a click), American students are embarrassing us in comparisons with students of other industrialized nations.

Targeted to classroom practitioners, this book describe the author’s journey into an enlightenment: an enlightenment of process, of attitude, of philosophy, and of community. After more than 30 years in education, he came across something that makes sense for teachers and students: the revolutionary L to J process that focuses on changing students’ achievement scores from an “L” shape where few students succeed to a “J” shape where the majority achieve.

The premise for this book is that you can effect “continuous improvement” in your very own social studies classroom. Author Daniel R. McCaulley can say this with confidence not only because he did it, but because many other real practitioners are doing it every day in growing numbers. The book shows how.