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Claire Anne and the Talking Hat
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Claire Anne and the Talking Hat

Barbara A. Cleary

PDF, 28 pages, Published 2008
ISBN: 978-0-87389-746-4
Item Number: E1342

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  • education
  • elementary
  • children


Claire Anne dislikes school. Not because of her classmates, but because she can’t seem to concentrate to get her work done. Join Claire Anne and her friends as Manny the bird and Martin the mouse teach them about the quality and learning tools they can use to make their work easier and make learning fun.

By taking charge in her learning, Claire Anne discovers how to make school cool – and you can, too.

Elementary-school-age children will enjoy this tale best, but even middle schoolers who have worked with quality tools will “get” it and appreciate the book's message and wonderfully colorful illustrations.

Note to Parents and Teachers: Help your student become a more effective self-directed learner using the tools Claire Anne and her friends discovered in this book. These tools (and many more) have a proven track record of increasing academic achievement inside and outside the classroom.