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Common Sense Project Management (e-book)
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Common Sense Project Management (e-book)

Wayne Turk

PDF, 224 pages, Published 2008
ISBN: 978-0-87389-738-9
Item Number: E1330

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  • project management


Good project management – is it art, science, or just dumb luck? This book will help you with the first two, and by teaching you to be well-prepared will also set you up to be lucky.

This book is aimed at helping the project manager (and the project manager wannabe) with suggestions, ideas, guidelines, and warnings. It is not strictly a “how to” book; rather, what’s here is the common sense that’s become far too uncommon an attribute in the modern business world.

Basic management is addressed thoroughly because a person can’t be a good project manager if you aren’t a good manager. The information given can help current or future project managers in any management position, even those who are never even end up managing a project.

The book is broken down into three primary sections:

  • The project manager and basic management
  • Project management
  • Problems and potential solutions