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Recognition, Gratitude, and Celebration
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Recognition, Gratitude, and Celebration

Patrick L. Townsend, Joan E. Gebhardt

PDF, 88 pages, Published 2007
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-87389-726-6
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Saying thank you is good business. It not only inspires recipients, it leads to personal growth on the part of the person astute enough to employ those words. Recognizing the achievement of others, expressing gratitude, and celebrating successes are all acts—and responsibilities—of leadership. A manager cares that a job gets done; a leader cares that the job gets done and also cares about the people doing it.

Thanking employees improves their behavior, increases their satisfaction, and inspires them to do even better. This book outlines the many reasons why, and ways in which, organizations and their leaders should recognize their employees’ efforts in the workplace. Based on the authors’ first-hand experience at two different organizations, the techniques described are proven to work.