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The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing Employee Engagement Programs (e-book)
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The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing Employee Engagement Programs (e-book)

Expand Production Capacity, Increase Revenue, and Save Jobs

Pat Townsend, Joan Gebhardt

PDF, 88 pages, Published 2007
ISBN: 978-0-87389-718-1
Item Number: E1311

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This book describes and discusses the whys and hows of 100% employee involvement in improving everything an organization does, as well as the integral and all-important role of leadership in achieving 100% participation. Given the proven return-on-investment of an effective 100% continual improvement effort in terms of time alone, this presents the only logical, intelligent, and defendable approach. Ideas are presented in such a way as to make it evident that success is possible and that positive results are within reach through the theory and tools presented.

This book is for anyone who is currently in a position to impact the future of an organization or anyone who hopes to be in position to lead or support such an effort in the future. This includes not only for-profit business enterprises, but any organization. For many, this approach to performance excellence will require a willingness to re-think their approach both to other people and to the workplace. Once you head down this path, everything changes.

The research and concepts in this book are particularly well-suited for the "once burnt, twice shy" crowd who, over the last few decades, have seen an enormous amount of money spent on incomplete "quality solutions": reengineering, Six Sigma, and ISO, to name a few. While all powerful tools, the implementation of them often suffered from a lack of employee involvement and managerial leadership. This book corrects those shortcomings and gives readers all the tools to ensure improvement efforts are effective and sustained.