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Transformation to Performance Excellence
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Transformation to Performance Excellence

Baldrige Education Leaders Speak Out

Sandra Cokeley, Margaret A. Byrnes, Geri Markley, Suzanne Keely

PDF, 168 pages, Published 2006
ISBN: 978-0-87389-697-9
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  • Education
  • Baldrige National Quality Program
  • Leadership


In these pages, you will have an opportunity to hear stories from the seven educational organizations that have used the Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence as a guide along their route to designing and improving educational systems. This book is a question-and-answer session with seven leaders who were intimately involved in their organizations' journeys. From getting buy-in, dealing with resistance, and aligning all systems and departments, to mistakes made along the way, financial impact, and continuing the Baldrige journey, it is an invaluable opportunity to hear which roads these leaders took and where it got them.

This book will be insightful and useful for all readers, whether you are new to the Baldrige principles or experienced in them. If you are not an educator but have a passion for performance excellence in education, share it with your favorite superintendent or university dean or president. If you are a superintendent, dean, or university president, you may want to share it with your cabinet, your board, or your leadership team so they can also learn from these successes and experiences of others. They will see that there is no prescribed route for your journey to performance excellence.

Included on an accompanying CD are the Baldrige applications for each of these organizations. When their responses reference something about which you’d like to learn more, you can open their application to see what was written in reference to that aspect of the Criteria. Each application includes their full organizational profile, which will give you a great deal of information about the institutions and where they were when they adopted the Baldrige Criteria.

However you use Transformation to Performance Excellence, it will encourage and inspire you to take those first or next steps. Hopefully readers of this book will be the ones to go on to provide the next