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Implementing Design for Six Sigma
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Implementing Design for Six Sigma

A Leader's Guide

Georgette Belair, John O'neill

PDF, 242 pages, Published 2006
ISBN: 978-0-87389-695-5
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Have your company’s products achieved what you hoped for – rapid customer uptake, high sales volume and revenue/profit? Can you produce them at high Sigma-levels for Critical to Quality requirements, resulting in high customer satisfaction and low return/warranty costs? Authors Belair and O’Neill will help you understand how your current new-product development process is performing by diagnosing its strengths and weaknesses, and then planning and implementing changes to improve your organization’s ability to deliver Six Sigma designs!

The main goal of Implementing Design for Six Sigma is to provide you a game plan to help you “move the ball down the field” – from your current product development world to one where DFSS has been embraced as a working part of your processes and culture. Whether the products you develop are made of metal and plastic, or money and mutual funds, this book will help you improve your development process so that you may deliver better products and services that your customers will want and want to pay for. From tangible products like cars and cough syrup to service products like mortgages and retirement plans, if you dig deeply into your new-product development process and follow the guidelines in this book, you can and will implement major improvements.