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Make Your Destructive, Dynamic, and Attribute Measurement System Work For You
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Make Your Destructive, Dynamic, and Attribute Measurement System Work For You

William D. Mawby

PDF, 232 pages, Published 2006
ISBN: 978-0-87389-691-7
Item Number: E1282

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  • Engineering
  • Measurement
  • Quality Assurance
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Inspection
  • Electronics


The motivation for this book comes from the author’s extensive experience with trying to apply the standard measurement systems analysis methods to real-world problems that arise in manufacturing and industry. The methods work well for simple systems that are not dynamic and have only two significant sources of error, but leave a lot to be desired in other circumstances. This shortfall is especially clear in the case of attribute measurement systems analysis in which the standard method is far from adequate.

This book provides clear procedures for situations in which the part values change or are destroyed. It also provides procedures that work when the measurements are dynamic and cannot be separated from the process. It extends the simple methods to cases in which the measurement systems have several sources of uncertainty. And it completely overhauls the attribute methodology and enables it for many difficult but practical applications. Each extension of the method is detailed in a chapter complete with realistic examples and end-of-chapter summaries called “Take Home Pay” which clue the reader into the key points that are critical for the attempt to enable bottom line success. The reader who uses these methods will find that they can quickly make significant improvement in their destructive, dynamic, and attribute measurement systems with less effort.