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The Team Effectiveness Survey Workbook
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The Team Effectiveness Survey Workbook

Robert W. Bauer, Sandra S. Bauer

PDF, 96 pages, Published 2005
ISBN: 978-0-87389-672-6
Item Number: E1269

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  • Human Resources
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  • Sports/Recreation
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Teams
  • Basic Quality


Virtually every type and size of organization commits substantial resources to team-based initiatives. While there are many different names applied to these teams (corrective action teams, project teams, quality improvement teams, as well as method-specific teams such as Six Sigma, lean, quality function deployment, strategy deployment teams, and so on.), their purpose is similar: Improve organization quality, performance, productivity, and effectiveness. But the reasons why these team activities and programs sometimes fail aren’t always obvious to team members, leaders, and upper management. This is because there is no system in place to measure what is actually occurring. The Team Effectiveness Survey Workbook helps identify these reasons by teaching readers how to: develop survey objectives; prepare your survey questionnaire; create a survey code structure for summarizing the results; administer the survey; process the survey results; and analyze and feed back the survey results. It contains over 500 different questions divided into 28 categories to help create survey questionnaires to meet the reader’s specific information needs.

Throughout the workbook, you will find sample questionnaires, answer sheets, code structures, and more, along with examples and forms to aid in constructing a survey. Also included is a Team Effectiveness Toolkit CD-ROM containing all of the survey questions in their appropriate categories, the sample Team Effectiveness questionnaires, and all of the survey support materials.

The workbook has been developed for use by internal and external resource persons/consultants who are responsible for team development/implementation activities, and also team leaders and members involved in team-based initiatives.


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Section One - The Survey Process
  • Section Two - Survey Questions
  • Section Three - Sample Survey Questionnaires
  • Section Four - Survey Support Materials
  • Section Five - Team Effectiveness CD-ROM Toolkit Instructions