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TS 16949: Insight from a Third-Party Auditor
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TS 16949: Insight from a Third-Party Auditor

With A Process Approach Audit Checklist

Karen Welch

PDF, 248 pages, Published 2005
ISBN: 978-0-87389-654-2
Item Number: E1256

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  • Auditing
  • Supplier Quality
  • Manufacturing
  • ISO 9000
  • Automotive


Finally, a comprehensive process audit checklist has been developed to be used with ISO/TS 16949:2002! This checklist does what many others do not: It groups the questions by process rather than by standard clauses, thus automatically guiding the auditor to conduct a process approach audit. This manual was developed to assist anyone involved with conducting or planning quality system audits, including quality auditors, quality managers, quality system coordinators, management representatives, and quality engineers. In addition, potential auditees in any function or position should find the questions useful in preparing for an audit. The manual includes a brief overview of the process approach, discussion of problem areas often found by third-party auditors, and the process audit checklist.

As a third-party auditor, the author has seen the limitations in internal quality audit processes due to inexperienced internal auditors, as many just aren't sure what questions to ask because they only audit once or twice a year. Utilizing this checklist takes the guesswork out of the internal audit process, and provides all the tools needed to conduct a successful audit from start to finish. It also helps prepare all levels and functions of an organization for a successful third-party audit, all without hiring a professional.