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Integrating Inspection Management into Your Quality Improvement System (e-book)
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Integrating Inspection Management into Your Quality Improvement System (e-book)

William D. Mawby

PDF, 168 pages, Published 2005
ISBN: 978-0-87389-665-8
Item Number: E1251

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  • Inspection
  • Sampling
  • Automotive
  • Quality Management
  • Aerospace
  • Measurement
  • Quality Assurance
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Process Management


Though quality gurus have given it a bad name, the inspection of product and process has been a mainstay of quality programs since the inception of manufacturing processes. Inspection is becoming even more important today due to the deep computerization of processes, the wide availability of databases, and the need to reach ever-greater levels of quality. This book explains that the best continuous improvement programs are a blend of product and process efforts, and that the effective integration of them is the key to making rapid, economical advances in quality for the vast majority of manufacturing and services companies. Indeed, for many companies it is likely that the only way they are going to make the quality gains required without greatly exceeding their quality budgets is to effectively utilize their existing inspection systems.

Most modern quality programs still rely heavily on inspection systems, and therefore can be quickly and cost-effectively improved in the ways directed in this book. For example, the inspection system could utilize embedded sensors, relaying critical information back through the inspection process. This information can be filtered, integrated, and transformed into actions that can improve the quality of both product and process in a targeted fashion. Such a supercharged inspection system can be made a strong partner of your Six Sigma and lean manufacturing systems.

The concepts presented will be an advantage for any company, small or large, that wants to play in the high-quality ballpark but cannot afford the heavy, upfront expenditures that are often necessary in traditional approaches.