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There is Another Way!
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There is Another Way!

Launch a Baldrige-Based Quality Classroom

Margaret A. Byrnes, Jeanne C. Baxter

PDF, 312 pages, Published 2005
ISBN: 978-0-87389-653-5
Item Number: E1249

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  • Baldrige National Quality Program
  • Quality Tools
  • Education


This is a guide designed for doers—a road map for action, not contemplation! It is filled with real-world case studies and classroom examples that illustrate the application of the Baldrige Criteria for classroom improvement. The authors suggest multiple uses for this book: as an agenda for staff development training; in the classroom as a step-by-step systemic improvement guide; or as an informational reference for board members, parents, and community partners seeking to broaden their understanding of Baldrige in the classroom.

It provides teachers in the classroom with activities to help them get started and actually adapt the processes and tools to their specific work. They will learn how to use PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) and engage students in Team Projects by using specific Total Quality Tools. These tools are integrated in the text, making it unnecessary to flip back and forth through the book to begin the process. It includes student data collection, and tools templates and examples of surveys for all stakeholders, including parents.

There is Another Way! offers the most concise presentation to date of the connection between the Baldrige framework and Total Quality in the field of education. It features a foreword by Robert A. McKanna, superintendent of schools for Community Consolidated School District 15 in Palatine, Illinois, the 2003 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Education recipient.