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Everyday Excellence
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Everyday Excellence

Creating a Better Workplace through Attitude, Action, and Appreciation

Clive Shearer

PDF, 272 pages, Published 2005
ISBN: 978-0-87389-673-3
Item Number: E1248

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  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Leadership
  • Teams
  • Sales
  • Customer Satisfaction and Value
  • Hospitality
  • Service
  • Human Resources
  • Sports/Recreation
  • Government
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Arts/Entertainment
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  • Real Estate


Everyday Excellence looks at the core of quality --- people. If we want to achieve everyday excellence, we must do it for people and with people. People either have the right attitude or they don’t. They take the right action, or they don’t. They appreciate what they receive, or they don’t.

‘Attitude, action and appreciation’ actually form a cycle of excellence, since appreciation often stimulates, fosters, and encourages a better attitude. It all comes down to how we approach ourselves and how we interact with other people. Once we look for them, we find that the opportunities to practice and apply excellence in the workplace occur minute-by-minute throughout the day. These moments comprise the heart of everyday excellence.

This book is designed as easy but inspiring reading for the busy leader, manager, supervisor, and professional in an office. If you work at a desk, or at a computer in an office, this book is written for you. It provides ten chapters of interconnected short stories and lessons. The lessons contain viewpoints and opinions, and hopefully new perspectives and insights. While the short stories are interconnected, each lesson stands alone. This, together with a very detailed index, enables the reader to use the book as a reference source.

"Clive Shearer understands and reflects great insight about organizations. This work reads like a daily meditation book, each thought bearing weight and meaning, not a linear stream of cerebral messages."

  • Kathleen Jennison Goonan, M.D.
    Director and Lead Consultant, MGH Center for Performance Excellence
    Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

  • "The book is a very enjoyable read and very informative. I found the stories entertaining and helpful in framing the discussion that follows. They add a degree of thoughtfulness and insight. The breadth of the subjects covered makes the book applicable to a broad readership. And it should expand the mind of most readers to consider the application of proven tools and techniques to the solution of different problems. The ideas provided are applicable to many scenarios. The quality concepts and the importance of supporting a quality culture are apparent throughout the book. In many areas it is almost subliminal. Very well done."

  • Gene Barker, CQE, Certified Quality Manager
    Boeing Technical Fellow and leader of the Boeing Quality System Process Action Team
    The Boeing Company Commercial Airplanes Group

  • "This book deals with basic quality concepts and principles that are universal, demonstrated in ‘everyday’ situations, that if applied, could lead to the goal of ‘getting it right the first time.’ It enables the reader to see quality in a practical way that can be used to better enjoy one's work and personal life."

  • Thomas H. Bacus
    Program Director - NASA Safety & Quality Programs
    Perot Systems Government Services (PSGS)

  • "Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out, there is much wisdom in this common sense approach to quality. Nuggets gleaned from a career of consulting are presented in a readable, thoughtful style. The veneer of management fad and fashion is stripped away to leave the truths which we all seek. This book is a gem. Lessons learned over a working lifetime are presented in a readable and interesting fashion. No flavor of the month; just good, practical, straightforward insights on how things should be properly done. Of all the books one should read about business or management, this one should be on your list. Short, readable segments make it easy to read straight through or to zero in on any particular area. Most importantly, the insights.."

  • Andrew Hough
    Director of IT - Project Management
    Skanska USA