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Applied Data Analysis for Process Improvement (e-book)
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Applied Data Analysis for Process Improvement (e-book)

A Practical Guide to Six Sigma Black Belt Statistics

James L. Lamprecht

PDF, 304 pages, Published 2004
ISBN: 978-0-87389-648-1
Item Number: E1246

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  • Data Quality
  • Automotive
  • Certification
  • Statistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma


At last, a book that offers the reader a practical approach to process improvement using examples of common problems faced by data analysts! Author James L. Lamprecht, an experienced, widely published statistician, Master Black Belt, teacher, and consultant, has succeeded in combining examples that guide the reader through data analysis, Six Sigma project definition, conducting experiments, graphical analysis, and errors to avoid, all in one concise text. Unlike other books on data analysis, Lamprecht steers clear of classic, or “perfect” examples, preferring instead to address the everyday issues that data analysts confront, and explain the value certain data does and does not offer. The book includes numerous graphs that illustrate ways to intuitively analyze data. Data analysis techniques are presented first, then the author introduces Six Sigma concepts and integrates the two disciplines in a concluding chapter.

This book is ideal for Certified Six Sigma Black Belts as well as those who are uncertified, but would like to understand how data can be analyzed. Even those who rely on sophisticated statistical software to conduct their Six Sigma analysis will benefit from this insightful yet easy-to-use book by developing a true understanding of statistics and a better understanding of the results they are receiving.

Numerous examples illustrate how various techniques are applied. Each example is reviewed from the perspective of what was not said in the example; in other words, the very information you will be faced with when you conduct your own analysis.

Titles of some sections in the book include the words "optional" or "advanced." These sections cover more advanced but nonetheless useful topics, but skipping these sections will not affect the overall flow of the various subjects presented.