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Quality Makes Money
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Quality Makes Money

How to Involve Every Person on the Payroll in a Complete Quality Process (CQP)

Pat Townsend, Joan Gebhardt

PDF, 168 pages, Published 2005
ISBN: 978-0-87389-660-3
Item Number: E1241

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  • Human Resources
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Basic Quality
  • Cost of Quality
  • Quality Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Service
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Continuous Improvement


This book describes a pragmatic set of steps which make it possible for an organization of any type to engage every person on their payroll in the continual effort to improve everything the company does. The authors' intention is to re-energize the “Quality Revolution” in the United States by giving organizations a realistic option for tapping into the talent already on their payrolls. The book presents not only logical theory but also a real-life, full-scale success story as a model. Paying heed to its lessons can enable organizations of all types to improve whatever it is they do and see a positive impact on the bottom line.

The focus of the book is on the Complete Quality Process (CQP), which takes into account not only the tools available to analyze, institute, measure, and record quality practices, but also the environment in which these tools are consistently and enthusiastically applied. CQP contrasts sharply with efforts which address only one specific portion of the total range of quality challenges – and none of which come close to involving (in the sense of asking for ideas and input and sharing decision-making capabilities) 100% of the people on the payroll. The methodology allows for and encourages the appropriate use of any quality tool while underscoring the importance of having the will to use those tools.

" The authors have successfully implemented quality in organizations and followed its way to the bottom line. They know both the book-smarts and the street-smarts. On top of that they write well, and are direct and exciting to read. They demand disciplined work but also creativity and courage to swim against the mainstream. And they do it based on real world observation and experience of what works and what doesn’t."

  • Dr. Evert Gummesson
    Professor of Service Management
    Stockholm University School of Business, Sweden
    Recipient of the American Marketing Association's Award for Leadership in the Service Field
    author of Total Relationship Marketing and Many-to-Many Marketing