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Inside Knowledge
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Inside Knowledge

Rediscovering the Source of Performance Improvement

David Fearon, Steven A. Cavaleri

PDF, 304 pages, Published 2005
ISBN: 978-0-87389-650-4
Item Number: E1239

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  • Leadership
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  • Continuous Improvement
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This book offers seven principles using pragmatic inside knowledge to improve performance. This fictional tale reveals a much troubled sales strategy in the Grand Bay Company. The drama unfolds as a new, high-tech, sales support system falters - causing panic throughout the firm. At the same time, Dana Gilbert, an operations employee, unexpectedly discovers how to access pragmatic knowledge to address the crisis. By using this knowledge, she helps Grand Bay begin to transform itself toward becoming a more pragmatic and knowledge-based enterprise. Her efforts also give the firm’s leaders a reason to reconsider the way they have viewed knowledge at Grand Bay – now seeing it as a source of a performance edge.

People often exert great efforts to achieve the kind of life they most truly desire. Similarly, companies seek to prove to customers that they will perform better today than yesterday. Both individuals and organizations are driven to perform – but are often limited by their inability to leverage their own knowledge. Such limitations cause problems and hinder their ability solve complex problems. This type of knowledge is not simply the sort of tips and guidelines acquired through training or e-learning systems. Rather, it reflects what W. Edwards Deming, termed profound knowledge. It results from the kind of relentless experimentation and learning found in firms, such as Toyota. This book focuses on how one employee discovers the power of pragmatic knowledge and details how her experience helps to transform her employer.