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Design for Six Sigma as Strategic Experimentation
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Design for Six Sigma as Strategic Experimentation

Planning, Designing, and Building World-Class Products and Services

H.E. Cook

PDF, 384 pages, Published 2004
ISBN: 978-0-87389-645-0
Item Number: E1234

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  • Automotive
  • Product Development and Recall
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Software Development
  • Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma


Design for Six Sigma as Strategic Experimentation develops a practical, science-based methodology for guiding the product realization process for highly-competitive markets. Forecasts of cash flow, market share, and price are used to select the final design from among the alternatives considered. A single formalism is used to integrate the tasks and responsibilities of marketing research, product planning, finance, design, engineering, and manufacturing within the overall product realization process.

The targeted audiences for this book are graduate engineers, statisticians, and scientists who are or who soon will be involved in planning, designing, manufacturing, and servicing products for highly-competitive markets.

"This book is a significant contribution to statisticians, systems and industrial engineers interested in the big picture. It has the potential to increase the relevance of statistical analysis and improve the statistical ability of system engineers to deal with new product design using economic considerations. Teachers, students and practitioners will find the book a useful addition to their libraries."

  • Ron S. Kenett
    Ranaana, Isrrael
    (from Quality Progress magazine)

"The book is an important path-breaking contribution to the critical societal need to more closely link engineering with business and other broad societal issues...Employing the approaches has the clear potential for achieving competitive advantage for corporations that grow capacity to use these tools and insights as additions to existing Six Sigma and Product Development improvement initiatives."

  • Chris Magee
    Professor of the Practice of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems
    and Director of the Center for Innovation in Product Development
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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