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Permission to Forget
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Permission to Forget

And Nine Other Root Causes of America’s Frustration with Education

Lee Jenkins

PDF, 176 pages, Published 2004
ISBN: 978-0-87389-632-0
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  • Education
  • Root Cause Analysis


When a successful organization experiences a problem, it uses root-cause analysis to determine why the problem happened, and identify the steps need to correct and ultimately prevent it from happening again. But within the American education system, the prevailing attitude is to say 'that's just how the system works,' or to issue general blame to the bureaucrats in Washington and the state capitol.

Best-selling author Lee Jenkins believes that the problem lies with the poor management system in place at all levels, including the classroom, school, and district. In Permission to Forget, Jenkins has identified ten critical root-cause problems and offers concise solutions to help change them. This book is the companion for Jenkins’ best-selling Improving Student Learning which provides in-depth answers to these ten problems.

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