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Work Overload
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Work Overload

Redesigning Jobs to Minimize Stress and Burnout

Frank M. Gryna

PDF, 232 pages, Published 2004
ISBN: 978-0-87389-624-5
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  • Quality Management
  • Human Resources
  • Government
  • Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Career Development
  • Healthcare


The challenges of a globalized market, increasing customer demands, and changing technologies are making business more complicated and leaving employees feeling overwhelmed. Many feel that this work overload is an unfortunate side effect of success, and one that cannot be avoided. Work Overload: Redesigning Jobs to Minimize Stress and Burnout not only argues that this is entirely untrue, but sets forth a clear and easy to follow guideline for overcoming and then preventing work overload in any business. Renowned best-selling author Frank M. Gryna reasons that much of work overload is due to the waste and the inherent ineffectiveness found in most every position. Gryna maintains that overload is a failure in the design of the work, not the worker. To eliminate and ultimately prevent overload, we must find the areas of waste, eliminate them, and then use the resources that have been freed up to prevent overload from happening again. This is not a psychological book intended to motivate employees to love their job, handle stress, and be more productive. Rather it is intended to create a real system that is more effective and less overwhelming for the employees. Gryna also tackles the issue of getting buy-in from upper management, which is crucial for any successful organizational change.


  • How Serious is the Work Overload Issue?
  • Causes of Work Overload
  • Why Study Waste in a Process
  • Redesign Work at the Process Level to Eliminate Work Overload
  • How Do the Mental Demands of Work Contribute to Work Overload
  • Redesign Work at the Job Level
  • How Do We Match Work to People
  • Participation and Empowerment of Employees to Reduce Work Overload
  • How Can Middle Managers Handle Work Overload in Daily Operations
  • Role of Upper Management in Work Overload
  • Work and Family Issues in Work Overload
  • What Do We Do Next?