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The Synergy of One (eBook)

The Synergy of One (eBook)

Creating High-Performing Sustainable Organizations Through Integrated Performance Leadership

Michael J. Dreikorn

PDF, 232 pages, Published 2003
ISBN: 9780873895385
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  • performance
  • leadership


This book argues that the vast majority of errors and system failures are the result of ineffective leadership. Most of the shortcomings of leadership stem from the lack of a unified and structured system that incorporates resources, accountability, culture, understanding, and leadership into one synergistic formula that will help drive consistent success. This synergistic system will help lead to consistency throughout the organization - leader to leader and department to department - which will lead to better communication, greater reliability, and ultimately more success.

Author Michael Dreikorn introduces the concept of Integrated Performance Leadership (IPL), which combines various academic theories of management, performance, and leadership into one single stream of thought. Dreikorn cites examples from successful organizations, and provides numerous charts and graphs to help emphasize the points made.