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Nan's Arsonist
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Nan's Arsonist

A Six Sigma Mystery

Robert Barry

PDF, 320 pages, Published 2004
ISBN: 978-0-87389-626-9
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  • Six Sigma
  • Healthcare


The successes of Six Sigma have been well documented, but yet it still remains a daunting mystery for many who are unsure what it actually is or how it works. This book is intended to help break down those questions by explaining Six Sigma in an easy to read format, using a fun mystery story to convey the message. In this, the second book in a series, the main character Nan finds herself investigating a deadly fire and using her Six Sigma skills to try and crack the case. A truly easy-to-read and entertaining book, Nan’s Arsonist is both fun and informative, and a great way to introduce or give a better understanding of Six Sigma to anyone.