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Quality into the 21st Century
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Quality into the 21st Century

Perspectives on Quality and Competitiveness for Sustained Performance

International Academy For Quality

PDF, 278 pages, Published 2003
ISBN: 978-0-87389-602-3
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  • Basic Quality
  • Global Quality
  • Total Quality Management


Many companies that are achieving the most significant business results today, made a shift in focus from the management of quality in the twentieth century to the quality of management in the twenty-first century. The big difference is that these companies focus on quality as a fundamental organization and market-wide strategy for their company’s competitiveness.

Quality into the 21st Century: Perspectives on Quality and Competitiveness for Sustained Performance focuses on the call for a more expansive use of quality practices throughout business in the twenty-first century than in their original application in manufacturing. It also calls for a definitive emphasis on the use of quality principles throughout health care, education, technology, medicine and government.

The editors complied a collection of papers that focus on the emerging themes in quality including social values, privacy, security, and software quality.