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Office Kaizen
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Office Kaizen

Transforming Office Operations into a Strategic Competitive Advantage

William Lareau

PDF, 184 pages, Published 2002
ISBN: 978-0-87389-556-9
Item Number: E1168

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Many business functions have been significantly improved through the use of a variety of quality techniques, but for the most part office and administrative functions have not kept pace. Most companies find it difficult to reduce costs in the office without noticeable sacrifices in performance. Some progressive companies are seeing improvements in their office environments through the use of Office Kaizen, which emphasizes making continuous improvements over the long haul. Office Kaizen: Transforming Office Operations Into a Strategic Competitive Advantage presents a unified, consistent approach that enables businesses to establish a strategic competitive advantage by significantly improving the efficiency, quality and productivity of their office and administrative processes.

"Office Kaizen is the most complete and practical guide to continuous improvement in a service environment I have seen."

  • Neil Novich
    Chairman and CEO
    Ryerson Tull, Inc.
  • "Finally a book that recognizes the need to get off the factory floor and improve the operations of the rest of the organization. Office Kaizen provides the foundation for continuous improvement for the entire organization."

  • G. Thomas Marsh
    President and General Manager
    Astronautics Operations