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Concepts for R&R Studies, Second Edition
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Concepts for R&R Studies, Second Edition

Larry B. Barrentine

PDF, 84 pages, Published 2002
Dimensions: 81/2 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-87389-557-6
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  • Measurement
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The best-selling classic!

The intent of this manual is to provide background on the origins of the R&R methodology; help for those who work with devices that don’t fit the usual approach; and ideas for measurement devices that require innovation to assess their performance under off-line, static conditions. The initial utilization of the R&R format is only briefly described; the reader can learn more about how to apply the procedures in 10 minutes of trying them than from several pages of instruction. R&R analysis is not a complete measurement assessment, however it is often easier to start with the limited scope addressed by R&R. Once the R&R is assessed, the need to study further measurement issues can be evaluated. The ultimate objective is to determine how best to improve the control and performance of a process.

The reader is assumed to be familiar with basic control charting methodology, since assessment of statistical control of the measurement process is important. The material is presented at multiple levels: one reader may concentrate on the “how-to” sections; another may wish to consider the derivations; a third may be interested in the interrelationships of measurement and process capability. Appendices and references provide additional information for those who are interested in a more rigorous approach.

"I'm truly a fan of Larry's writing: I find it clear and to the point. As a practitioner, I'm not too concerned with theory-just want to know how to use R&R to help my organization progress. This is truly a "hands-on" manual. Mr. Barrentine writes in such a clear, straight-forward manner that anyone who is concerned with measurement issues will find this manual useful. "Concepts for R&R Studies" provides a concise explanation of several different approaches to evaluating R&R, comparing the pro's and con's of each. It's the only R&R reference on my bookshelf that I refer to regularly. The text and examples help a beginning practitioner conduct an R&R with ease. The appendices fill in details for special situations and provide additional insight for the more experienced user. I make sure every QA and Process Engineering Department is using this manual."

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