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Innovative Control Charting (eBook)

Innovative Control Charting (eBook)

Practical SPC Solutions for Today's Manufacturing Environment

Stephen A. Wise, Douglas C. Fair

PDF, 291 pages, Published 2006
ISBN: 9781636940809
Item Number: E0974

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  • Statistics
  • Measurement
  • Quality Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Leadership
  • Quality Control
  • Statistical process control (SPC)


Designed for the quality professional with a basic understanding of traditional SPC, this book presents solutions for the problems encountered when trying to apply traditional control charting techniques in a complex manufacturing environment.

Anyone using SPC who has felt limited by its traditional methods will find this book timely and beneficial. Along with basic SPC topics such as, control chart theories, process capability studies, data collection strategies, and sampling, this book concentrates on describing tools which solve the limitations of traditional SPC techniques. Specifically designed for those who face the challenges of limited data collection opportunities, small production runs, multiple characteristics, and demanding manufacturing situations, Innovative Control Charting will become a favorite, modern SPC reference.


  • Discover how SPC can be effectively applied even with complex parts, numerous part dimensions, similar but different characteristics, and small lot sizes.
  • Learn how to overcome the three main limitations of traditional SPC techniques.
  • Explore new SPC techniques in a step-by-step analysis approach using real-life examples.