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Improving Your Measurement of Customer Satisfaction
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Improving Your Measurement of Customer Satisfaction

A Guide to Creating, Conducting, Analyzing, and Reporting Customer Satisfaction Measurement Programs

Terry G. Vavra

PDF, 508 pages, Published 1999
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-87389-405-0
Item Number: E0922

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  • Customer Satisfaction and Value


Since more and more attention is being focused on customer value management, it's important to have a resource that synthesizes many bodies of research about how to obtain and interpret customer satisfaction data. It also provides the rationale, identifies opportunities, and suggests specific programs to improve the measurement of customer satisfaction in your organization.

Serving as a single reference for customer satisfaction measurement technology, this book describes and teaches the five critical skills that should be part of each of your projects.

*Sampling/customer-participant selection

*Questionnaire design

*Interviewing/survey administration

*Data analysis

*Quality function deployment-building action plans

This book is an ideal follow-up and companion to the book by Bob E. Hayes, Measuring Customer Satisfaction (H0925).


  • The Philosophy of Customer Satisfaction

  • Gaining Access to Customers

  • Identifying Key Measurement Issues

  • Designing the Questionnaire

  • Collecting Satisfaction Data

  • The Data Cube-A New Way to Look at CSM Data Analysis

  • Basic Tools of CSM Analysis

  • Reporting Basics-A Graphical Approach

  • Monitoring Changes in Importance

  • How to Achieve "Buy-In" of Results

  • Globalizing Satisfaction Measurement