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Quality Quotes
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Quality Quotes

Helio Gomes

PDF, 249 pages, Published 1996
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-87389-407-4
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  • Human Resources
  • Basic Quality
  • Quality Management


This priceless reference is the perfect tool for quality practitioners everywhere. Strengthen verbal or written presentations with a quote that will get the point across, add credibility, or serve as inspiration.

Quality Quotes is packed with over 1500 quotes on every aspect of quality. Over 550 authors, businesspeople, quality gurus, advertisers, inventors, scientists, philosophers, and Nobel Prize winners contribute their insights on quality. With contributors from 18 countries spanning roughly 28 centuries, you'll be able to find just the right quality quote. Get quick, easy access to some of the best quality statements of all time using the 36 topic categories, an author index, and a subject index.


  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Organizations: Purpose and Nature

  • Big Q

  • Customer Dissatisfaction

  • Total Quality Management

  • Cost of Poor Quality

  • Education and Training

  • Standards and Standardization

  • Motivation

  • Security vs. Fear

  • Role of Leaders

  • Managers in TQM

  • Inspection

  • Statistics

  • Top Management Commitment

  • Productivity, Competitiveness, and Survival

  • Doing It Right the First Time

  • Quality in Daily Work Life

  • Teamwork and Employee Involvement

  • Quality Improvement (Innovation)

  • Quality Control

  • Process-Oriented Management vs. Results-Oriented Management

  • Moments of Truth