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How to Perform Continuous Sampling, Second Edition
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How to Perform Continuous Sampling, Second Edition

Kenneth S. Stephens

PDF, 77 pages, Published 1994
Dimensions: 8 1/2 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-87389-330-5
Item Number: E0887

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  • continuous sampling


This volume from the ASQ Statistics Division Basic References in Quality Control series explains how to perform continuous sampling plans. Included are selections of various types of plans, determining parameters, operating the plans, and evaluating the performance of the plans. A brief introduction to acceptance sampling is included. The booklet traces the development of various types of continuous sampling plans. Schematics, nomographs, and tables are included to assist the user. A comprehensive set of references is given to allow for further study and more extensive use of the techniques and principles.

This second edition includes an updated and comprehensive reference section that should serve the practitioner and researcher alike for ready access to the large literature associated with this subject. This edition also includes several new developments in CSP procedures and evaluations. A new appendix has been added to the resolve a controversy over an apparent anomaly in several of Dodge’s earlier papers.

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