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Emerging Quality Leaders Program

12-Month EQLP Curriculum Overview

Over the course of 12 months, the program involves two main learning formats—virtual presentations and on-site events. Both of these formats allow for interactive, hands-on learning from subject matter experts and leaders representing a variety of industries. The program officially begins and ends at ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement, giving each participant complimentary registration to experience the conference in conjunction with kickoff and graduation events. Throughout the curriculum, the program’s participants (or cohort) are immersed in elevated experiences that bring the 10 leadership topics from ASQ's Human Development & Leadership division to life.

Program Kick-off at WCQI

Each program officially starts with kickoff events at ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement. The new program cohort members network with each other; review program expectations, materials, and tools; and participate in group activities. This event also combines the graduating and new program cohort together to observe project presentations and a keynote speaker on leadership. For all information on attending WCQI, click below.

Three On-Site Events 

Planned on a quarterly basis, the program cohort will travel to three select locations throughout the United States that focus on 10 Leadership Topics (per the Curriculum). A benefit of on-site participation is the ability to showcase unique thought leadership and skill-building experiences with cohort networking. For two full days each, program participants are embedded in group activities such as workshops and company tours that highlight leadership process and a culture of best practices. For the 2020-2021 EQLP Curriculum, we are pleased to feature the following On-Sites:

  • On-Site #1: Milwaukee, WI at ASQ Headquarters
  • On-Site #2: ASQ’s Quality 4.0 Summit
  • On-Site #3: Cambridge, MA at a Biomedical Firm Headquarters—final details to be shared with accepted applicants

Eight Virtual Learnings 

Beginning with the 2020 – 2021 Curriculum, virtuals are provided to participants through ASQ’s Learning Management System as self-paced learnings, representing eight months of the program’s curriculum. Each virtual showcases a subject matter expert from within ASQ’s vast member network that connects real-life learning around the 10 leadership topics defined in the curriculum schedule, as well as supporting pre-read articles that supports the participant’s understanding of the topics. Virtuals average one hour in length and include learning guides that support active listening skills, define key takeaways, and enhance engagement from participants as a self-reflection activity.

Virtual Learnings

  • Are led by ASQ subject matter experts from the quality industry.
  • Include interactive Q&A opportunities.
  • Are recorded for self-paced learning flexibility.
  • Are supported with articles and learning guides.

Program Evaluation

Participants’ engagement is evaluated on the following three areas of the program curriculum. If engagement falls below a total of 75%, then the ASQ Program Manager will reach out to the participant and company sponsor to discuss options.

  • Participation: requires timely completion of learning guides and project charters per due dates
  • Project: compliant with project charter guidelines and fulfills leadership topic skills utilization
  • Presentation: demonstrates skills on public speaking, professionalism, and clear communication
EQLP program evaluation bar chart

Projects and Graduation at WCQI

At the World Conference on Quality and Improvement, all participants in the cohort present their final projects to a panel of ASQ member leaders. Project presentations are designed to showcase the learnings gained from the curriculum, and feature leadership in action by the participant. The graduation ceremony recognizes the cohort’s efforts by the ASQ Chair and Chief Executive Officer and features a prominent keynote speaker sharing their leadership journey.

Program Curriculum and Schedule Example

To see the types of events, topics and scheduling of the program curriculum, click the button below to see a snapshot.