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Emerging Quality Leaders Program

Frequently Asked Questions

While many organizations offer specific leadership development training, ASQ’s Emerging Quality Leaders program focuses on advancing soft skills for career growth within a quality-focused mindset by engaging in comprehensive interactive exposure to cross-industry subject-matter experts and face-to-face networking experiences. In addition, program participants have continuous access to the vast number of ASQ Quality Resources. Learn more about the most commonly asked questions in this uniquely structured program below:

Are there qualifications or prerequisites to enter the program?
Yes, applicants must have a company sponsor who confirms they have demonstrated a passion for leadership, personal development, and continuous improvement. The company sponsor recommends them for the program and will be kept updated throughout the program on the participant’s progress. Upon the participant’s acceptance to the program and payment of program fees, participants will complete the prerequisite Quality 101 e-learning course (if no other quality certifications have already been earned) before attending the kickoff event at the World Conference on Quality and Improvement. Upon the completion of this course, participants have the further option to take the Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA) exam for certification. Accepted applicants may be asked to sign nondisclosure forms when participating at a company on-site event within the program.
Are international participants accepted into the program?

Yes, there are several international alumni who have completed the program in prior years. There are a few things to consider as an international applicant:

  1. Participants must attend all on-site events held in the United States, in various locations. Travel costs for these events are not included within the program fee.
  2. Participants must attend all live virtual events from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST). Session recordings are available (if unable to attend), but participants are expected to attend the live virtuals to interact with the guest speaker via the webinar software.
  3. Participants must attend the program kickoff and graduation sessions at the World Conference on Quality and Improvement in Spring, per their curriculum schedule.
  4. All program information and content is presented in English.
Do you have to be an ASQ member to participate in the program?

Yes, in order to participate fully within the program’s materials, e-learning, events, and communication tools, an active ASQ Professional membership is required. If an accepted participant is already an ASQ member, then no additional costs are required. If already a linked ASQ member, the participant’s company must maintain organizational membership for the duration of the program, or the individual must obtain a Professional membership. If an accepted participant is not an ASQ member, then our customer care department will be happy to assist in setting up Professional membership – this will provide additional career development tools, networking opportunities, and access to the full ASQ Body of Knowledge, which is above and beyond the program’s curriculum. Membership also provides member-rate discounts for certifications, conferences, publications, e-learnings, and other events within the extensive ASQ network of quality professionals.


When are companies chosen for on-site events?

Companies are most often selected from within ASQ’s organizational membership approximately six months in advance of the program curriculum finalization. These companies are focused on advancing a culture of quality and continuous improvement, and represent a broad selection of industries. A benefit of their participation is being able to showcase their organization and thought-leadership expertise within their industry. If you are interested in having your company become an ASQ organizational member, please contact customer care.

Are there installment plans available for the program fee?

Yes, ASQ can offer a 50/50 payment option -- 50% paid upon acceptance into the program and 50% paid prior to the kickoff of the program at World Conference. Payments may be made by check, money order, credit card, or wire transfer. If a PO is required per company payment, arrangements can be made.

What is included within the program’s fees?

The program fee includes the curation of curriculum content and subject-matter experts, event coordination and meals, on-site event transportation, e-learnings, program materials, ASQ resources, and 3-day registration to WCQI for both kick-off and graduation events. Program fees do not include travel, hotel, personal meals outside of team events, certifications, publications outside of provided curriculum materials, or other conferences. Previous participants’ companies report an overall investment of $25,000 to $45,000 to support their career development (fees plus travel and personal costs), depending on their home location and distance to on-site events.

Are participants responsible for booking their own travel?

Yes, all program participants will be sent on-site event logistics information to book their own travel throughout the planned curriculum. ASQ negotiates hotel room block rates, and participants are welcome to use this rate or obtain lower rates (such as government rates) per their company’s travel guidelines.

What are the core leadership competencies the program focuses on?

The program focuses on building a participant’s expertise on the 10 leadership topics identified by the ASQ Human Development and Leadership Division, an ASQ industry-specific member community. This program elevates the participant’s experience by embedding them within real-world learning sessions, including face-to-face interaction, virtual presentations by subject-matter experts, and applying gained knowledge to complete projects that directly showcase their leadership skill development and make improvements to their organization.

How are participants assigned a mentor?

Mentors are assigned to participants by the ASQ program manager after the program’s kickoff session at World Conference. These mentors are matched to assist a participant throughout the program. Contact information for mentors and participants will be shared once matching is complete, and participants and mentors connect as best suits them per their schedules and preferred contact methods.

If a participant cannot attend a program virtual or on-site session due to schedule conflicts, is that OK?

Yes, program virtual sessions are recorded and posted within the MyASQ Community page the same day they are presented, so any participant who is not able to attend the live session can watch at a later time. However, the assigned learning guide for the virtual must be completed by the set due date, indicated within the curriculum. Program on-site events cannot be made up due to the specialized agenda and speaker scheduling. If a participant is unable to attend an on-site, he or she would need to communicate that to the program manager in advance.

Does this program offer networking opportunities?

Yes, there are multiple networking opportunities and tools that are used extensively within the program’s curriculum and event scheduling. Networking is also a large focus of ASQ membership and a benefit per maintaining an active role within geographical and industry-specific member communities. Each participant is given access to the private program community within myASQ.org, which gives them direct 24/7 communication access to their fellow cohort participants.

How are participants evaluated within the program?

Participants will be evaluated on the following core behaviors required per the program’s curriculum:

  1. Participation – This includes timely completion of assigned learning guides, attending virtuals and on-site events, and actively networking within assigned teams.
  2. Project – This is demonstrated by use of identified personal strengths and thought-leadership of recommended solutions detailed within their project charter. In short, does their project reflect leadership above and beyond their normal day-to-day responsibilities, and how will it benefit their organization? At World Conference, each participant will present their project results in a 10-minute presentation to a panel.
  3. Presentation – This is demonstrated by the growth in confidence on public speaking, maintaining professionalism within all program activities, developing a clear and concise executive-level communication style, and strong collaboration with fellow participants during team-building exercises.

For each participant, engagement will be monitored prior to attending graduation at the World Conference on Quality and Improvement each spring. If there are any concerns that a participant will not graduate due to low engagement scores (under 75%), this will be addressed with the participant and his or her sponsor prior to World Conference attendance.

What types of assignments must participants complete?

There are three types of assignments that participants must complete throughout the program’s curriculum. The completion of these assignments affects the participant’s final evaluation and graduation from the program.

  1. Learning guides: These accompany each virtual and on-site session, highlighting the main takeaways from the speakers’ presentations. These learning guides act as a reflection on the subject-matter learned, as well as reinforce active participation within the sessions.
  2. Project charters: These charters define a problem that the participant takes on to resolve for the organization as a personal (or optional group) project and enable skills learned throughout the program to be used in providing solutions that are measurable (per defined key performance indicators). This culminates in a 10-minute presentation that describes the participant’s use of personal strengths, thought-leadership, and project management skills that reflect the impact on their organization’s metrics or KPIs.
  3. Final project presentation: A 10-minute presentation that describes the project’s challenges, strategy, and recommended solutions, by highlighting the participant’s leadership style and strengths.
As a participant in the program, are discounts available for ASQ conferences?

Yes, as a participant in the program, an active ASQ Professional Membership or linked membership is a requirement. ASQ members receive discounts on all ASQ products and services, including registration fees for ASQ conferences and certification programs. There are two conference registration costs included within this program fee.  One for a 3-day attendance to WCQI in alignment with both kickoff and graduation events and the other to ASQ's Quality 4.0 Summit, per the curriculum. Other ASQ conference registrations shall be purchased separately, per corresponding fees. Visit Conferences and Events for all information regarding ASQ conferences.

Have more questions?

Contact us via email at emergingqualityleader@asq.org or call 800-248-1946 to speak with a customer care representative today: