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Emerging Quality Leaders Program

Now Accepting Applications for the 2020-2021 Program! Early-Bird Discount of $500 (August 1 - December 31)

Program Benefits

What are the program fees?


Benefits – for Individuals

Individuals can own their career growth and development skills by gaining industry best practices and hands-on learning experiences within the program. Benefits to active participants include:

  • On-site idea sharing, case studies, and team-building activities at a variety of top industry organizations and ASQ Conferences
  • Strengthen holistic leadership skills by implementing the core competencies learned throughout the curriculum
  • One-on-one mentoring designed to reinforce and build upon business acumen, communication skills, and quality professional values
  • Actively practice team collaboration, project management, thought-leadership, presentation skills, and analysis of key performance indicators by the completion of an individual (or optional group) project that directly addresses an identified challenge in the organization
  • Develop long-lasting professional relationships with fellow cohort peers and executives across industries
  • Access free resources from the quality book of knowledge and ASQ career pathing tools, and obtain discounts for technical training, certifications, and conferences through an active ASQ membership
  • Emerge with a broader perspective on how to achieve performance excellence, manage risk, stimulate creativity and problem-solving, and embrace change through thought-leadership.

See how the program curriculum delivers these benefits:


Benefits – for Organizations

The value of the program goes far and beyond just the individual participant. Companies and organizations that sponsor their employees’ active enrollment in the program receive the following benefits:

  • Develop a pipeline of leadership-focused quality professionals within the organization
  • Gain benchmarking insights from leading organizations and subject-matter experts by employees sharing best-practices across industries and developing their professional networks
  • Provide talent development resources for top employees with an agile, quality-focused solution, supported by ASQ’s vast member network and body of knowledge
  • Accelerate employees’ leadership skill sets and executive experience to drive the organization forward, building upon performance excellence initiatives
  • Offer innovative recognition and rewards to employees by sponsoring their participation in a highly-visible ASQ program
  • Active participants are focused on bringing thought-leadership solutions back to their organization by completing a project – this can be individually completed, or completed by a company’s group of two or more enrolled participants in the program
  • An additional option and benefit is to host an on-site event for the program, showcasing an organization’s commitment to quality and performance excellence, highlighting speaking opportunities for executives and field experts.
    EQLP On-Site Host Company Benefits

Want to know more about getting your organization involved?

Program Fees

Program fees include the following:

  • $8,000 fee for the 12-month 2019-2020 EQLP program
    • $100/hour for the 80 hours participants will complete
    • Curated program content of virtuals and on-site learning sessions
    • Includes on-site event transportation, group meals, and participant-exclusive materials
    • Includes two 3-day registrations to ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement
  • $169 - ASQ Professional membership is required
    • If already an ASQ Professional member, this must be maintained for the duration of the program
    • If a linked member, the company must maintain organizational membership for the duration of the program or the individual must obtain a Professional membership on his or her own
  • $299 - Quality 101 e-learning 
    • This is waived if the applicant has already completed other quality certifications (such as Black Belt)
    • Great refresher course on the basics of quality, and a high-level overview of tools used within the program, and to be completed prior to Kickoff at WCQI
    • Participants have the option to complete future CQIA certification, per completion of this e-learning
  • Total cost = $8,468 (includes ASQ membership and Quality 101)
    • Deduct Professional membership and Quality 101 fees if these are already maintained or completed
    • Does not cover individual travel, hotel, or incidentals

ASQ Professional Member Benefits

Did you know that ASQ Professional members enjoy the following?

  • Unlimited access to knowledge and solutions
  • Monthly member gift of quality tools, topics, e-books, etc.
  • Continuous networking opportunities
  • Professional development
  • Discounted member rates on ASQ conferences, publications, training, certifications, and more
  • Professional members have voting rights on Society business and leadership opportunities
  • Access to member Sections and Divisions
  • Quality Progress publication
    • Includes career pathing tools and salary research across ASQ’s vast member network
    • Articles to benchmark personal success

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