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Emerging Quality Leaders

Application Deadline: March 15

Application Process

Grow your influence. Join the only program of its kind specifically designed to develop the leadership skills of quality professionals.


Register for program

Register for the Emerging Quality Leaders Program.

The program includes four main components:
  • Virtual sessions (seven)
  • On-site visits with face-to-face programming (five)
  • Executive mentoring
  • Team projects 
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Program Fee $8000

Current Full ASQ Membership - $159
Completion of Quality 101 - $299 (ASQ Member rate)
Program Fee does not include travel and lodging
Application Deadline: March 15

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Application Process

The application process consists of an online application. Please include the following:
  • Current Resume
  • Recent photograph
  • Sign non-disclosure form (part of application)
  • Letter of support from an executive sponsor
The letter of support can come from an immediate supervisor, director, or CEO who can endorse the applicant and speak to their abilities. Please address short letter of recommendation to: Selection Committee, ASQ Emerging Quality Leaders Program, 600 N. Plankinton Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203.

The letter of recommendation should be uploaded into the online application.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Emerging Quality Leaders Program Advisory Panel. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the program shortly after their application is received. An intent to commit letter will be sent to participants for signature. Payment should be received prior to the first session.


Apply for scholarship if eligible

This scholarship is being provided in honor of ASQ's past president, Paul Borawski.

The award aims to provide future scholars who are traditionally under-represented in the quality community with the opportunity to gain support, education, access, service and networking experiences. ASQ encourages the development of diverse leaders in the quality profession.

Applicants must have been accepted into ASQ's Emerging Quality Leaders Program.

Scholarship Deadline: March 15 

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The ASQ Paul Borawski Scholarship Application

Completed scholarship applications, including supporting documentation, shall be received no later than March 15th. The amount of the yearly award is up to $7,500 per recipient, for up to two (2) recipients. Scholarship funds will be applied towards ASQ's Emerging Quality Leader's Program registration fee.  

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:
  1. Must be an ASQ member
  2. Must be employed as a mid- to senior-level quality professional with a minimum of (3) three years’ experience
  3. Must be an emerging leader employed in a small- to medium-size organization
    1. For the purpose of this scholarship, small organizations are defined as a company with fewer than 100 employees and less than $50 million in annual revenue
    2. Medium size organizations are those companies with 100 to 999 employees and generate more than $50 million, but less than $250 million in annual revenue
  4. Must have a demonstrated professional leadership experience
  5. Must be committed to fully engage in all the scholarship benefits

Selection Criteria

Candidates who meet eligibility requirements, complete the application, and provide supporting documentation will be considered for selection of the Paul Borawski scholarship.

Supporting documentation to be submitted as part of this application includes:
  • Short bio (between 150 to 500 words)
  • Reason you are applying for the scholarship
  • One letter of recommendation from an immediate supervisor or CEO or a colleague in the quality community such as a customer, colleague, industry leader, or instructor
Letter of recommendation should address two of the following questions:
  • How have you seen the applicant demonstrate leadership skill at work, in the community, etc.? What have been some of the outcomes that have resulted from his/her leadership related to quality?
  • Please describe the applicant’s skills and readiness to engage in all of the benefits of the scholarship experience.
  • Describe a situation, event or activity that demonstrates the applicant’s ability to be a change agent or innovator, or where he/she has pushed the boundary of an organization. Please be specific in your response by describing what they did as well as the outcomes of his/her actions.
*Apply for program first, then apply for scholarship separately by accessing the “Apply for Scholarship” button below.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Emerging Quality Leaders Program Advisory Panel and applicants will be notified of their potential scholarship award and acceptance into the program. Individuals not selected to receive the scholarship will still be considered applicants and will be notified of their potential acceptance into the program at the standard rate.