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Emerging Quality Leaders

Application Deadline: March 15

Emerging Quality Leaders Program

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Today’s top quality professionals are tomorrow’s quality leaders.

ASQ’s Emerging Quality Leaders Program is the only one of its kind specifically designed to develop the leadership skills of quality professionals. This unique 12-month program brings together individuals identified by their performance and passion for continuous improvement, development, and change for a practical learning experience like no other.

The program features monthly engagement structured around strategic leadership topics led by thought leaders in an interactive workshop style; in-person visits for hands-on learning and examples of proven quality practices and application; and opportunities to connect with a highly talented cohort of midlevel professionals selected from leading worldwide companies. Learn more on how the Emerging Quality Leaders Program benefits individuals and organizations.


Program Fee $8000

Current Full ASQ Membership - $159
Completion of Quality 101 - $299 (ASQ Member rate)
Program Fee does not include travel and lodging
Application Deadline: March 15

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Become a future leader in your business.

For more information please contact us at emergingqualityleader@asq.org.

Who Are Emerging Quality Leaders?

Future leaders are aspiring high-potential professionals identified by management as having the ability to advance in their position and the organization.

These individuals have:
  • Demonstrated exemplary performance, values, and results in their current roles
  • Been identified as a potential successor for a senior-level management role
  • A passion for leadership, development, change, and continuous improvement
  • The ability to embrace engaging and thought-provoking challenges
  • Manager or director experience 
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Program Information

The Emerging Quality Leaders program will launch and conclude at ASQ World Quality Conference on Quality Improvement.

The program includes four main components: virtual sessions (eight), on-site visits with face-to-face programming (five), executive mentoring, and team projects.

Through case studies, roundtable conversations, executive presentations, and Fortune 500 benchmarking visits, topics such as performance excellence, creativity, risk taking, innovation, culture transformation, customer experience, and many others are discussed. Communications and networking elements also support the program.

While many organizations have leadership development programs, very few if any, can match ASQ in providing such highly talented diverse cohorts with the breadth and depth of executive access and insights on relevant strategic thought provoking topics related to quality and improvement.

Executive Mentoring

The mentoring program is key to the experience, and the roles and responsibilities of mentors—and their protégés in the cohort—are significant to the overall success of the program. Mentoring is a professional relationship between a more experienced person (mentor) and a less experienced person (protégé) designed to transfer business and/or professional knowledge, skills, behaviors, and values. A mentor takes an active role in the protégé’s development by offering guidance, support, and advice.


Team Projects

The team-based, problem-solving exercise—"the project"—provides the opportunity for team interaction, research, analysis, critical thinking, collaboration, and leadership to formulate and propose one or several resolutions to a problem/topical issue. Project work is meant to benefit individuals outside of the work setting, and participants are meant to use quality tools and techniques, leverage experience and expertise, and achieve real-world impact and results. Topics are self-selected.
Current Participants
Emerging Quality Leaders visit Google

Current Participants

Participants have access to on online community that serves as a supplemental platform to assist in the transfer of executive knowledge and leadership experiences related to quality and improvement. Items included:
  • Find onsite agendas and presentations
  • Find virtual session recordings
  • Select your mentor
  • Discussion boards: Get in on the conversation and find experts and rich discussion
  • Establish a bond of common experience and challenges around a specific area
  • Platform to work on projects
  • Stay connected as an alumnus
  • Build your relationship with ASQ 
From Our Participants

“EQLP program provides a unique outside-in perspective on proven quality practices and methods that have helped organizations succeed in their strategic goals and business transformations. The opportunity to network and brainstorm business challenges with seasoned quality practitioners and senior executives is invaluable and will be a long lasting benefit that will outlast the annual program lifecycle.”

From Our Participants

“The program is more than just a networking opportunity, it provides a chance to develop leadership potential by working with others who are highly skilled, inspired, and are in the best in their field.”

From Our Participants

“The network provided unique learning opportunities, and the program was extremely thought-provoking. I expect the relationships I developed during this program will continue long after it’s over.”

From Our Participants

“When sitting across the table from a business leader, quality needs to communicate the financial benefits of process management in enabling business system stability. At the end of the day, it’s all about meeting objectives defined by the business. You’ve got to connect with your internal customer.”