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Emerging Quality Leaders Program

Now Accepting Applications for the 2020-2021 Program!

Emerging Quality Leaders Program

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Real-world experience develops tomorrow’s quality leaders.

ASQ’s Emerging Quality Leaders Program is the only one of its kind specifically designed to develop the leadership skills of quality professionals. This unique 12-month program brings together individuals identified by their performance and passion for continuous improvement, development, and change for a practical learning experience like no other.

Ideal for the mid-level manager, this 12-month program accelerates the transfer of executive knowledge, soft skills, and broader industry perspectives to develop thought leadership in the next generation of quality executives. Launching and culminating each year at the World Conference on Quality and Improvement, the program includes educational and experiential skill development opportunities for all participants. Self-paced virtual sessions delivered by ASQ subject matter experts provide baseline knowledge. A leadership skills workshop gives Program participants actionable content and tools. Each participant will be mentored by an ASQ member, and the Project Charter provides an opportunity to showcase your progress in building leadership skills throughout the program. And your program fee includes registration to two ASQ World Conferences on Quality and Improvement—for the kickoff and graduation ceremonies of the Program—as well as ASQ’s Quality 4.0 Summit for additional learning and networking opportunities with leading quality practitioners.

Learn more about how the Emerging Quality Leaders program benefits both individuals and organizations, or visit our FAQ page.

For the 2020 – 2021 Curriculum, ASQ has made the following key optimizations and updates to Program benefits:

  • Eight self-paced, recorded virtual sessions delivered by ASQ subject matter experts, supported with quality resources
  • Leadership skills workshop that provides actionable content and tools to Program participants
  • 10-month Mentorship for all Program participants with an ASQ Member: Earn up to eight Recertification Units upon completion of the Program (within the Professional Development Category)
  • Program fee includes registrations to two ASQ World Conferences on Quality and Improvement (for kickoff and graduation), plus ASQ’s Quality 4.0 Summit (value of over $3,500)
  • Project Charter showcases participant’s progress in building leadership skills over the 12-month program, delivering ROI and continuous improvement to their organization
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From Our Participants

“EQLP program provides a unique outside-in perspective on proven quality practices and methods that have helped organizations succeed in their strategic goals and business transformations. The opportunity to network and brainstorm business challenges with seasoned quality practitioners and senior executives is invaluable and will be a long lasting benefit that will outlast the annual program lifecycle.”

From Our Participants

“The program is more than just a networking opportunity, it provides a chance to develop leadership potential by working with others who are highly skilled, inspired, and are in the best in their field.”

From Our Participants

“The network provided unique learning opportunities, and the program was extremely thought-provoking. I expect the relationships I developed during this program will continue long after it’s over.”

From Our Participants

“When sitting across the table from a business leader, quality needs to communicate the financial benefits of process management in enabling business system stability. At the end of the day, it’s all about meeting objectives defined by the business. You’ve got to connect with your internal customer.”