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Bright Minds, Bold Impact.

ASQ Individual Membership

Calling all champions of quality, change-makers, visionaries of progress and masterminds in the pursuit of excellence. The future of quality and continuous improvement needs you. 

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ASQ Membership is the only connection that grants you access to the world’s largest network of diverse professionals across multiple industries dedicated to the principles of quality in pursuit of achieving operational excellence. Membership provides instant access to the people, insights, technology, ideas and tools needed to lead and solve any quality challenge.

The all-in-one ASQ Membership provides access to cutting-edge subject matter expertise, visibility to continuous improvement practices and trends, discounts on education, and engagement through events and communities — everything you need to grow professionally and lead organizational changes that help create a brighter and bolder future.

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  • Instantly problem-solve with members around the world in the myASQ online community
  • Stay ahead of industry trends with Quality Progress and multiple quality journals 
  • Earn recertification credits towards maintaining certifications
  • Access the world’s largest library of quality-related knowledge 
  • A Professional Membership pays for itself with discounts across professional education, certifications, and events 

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“I think ASQ is important.”

“There’s not going to be another organization that provides you everything;
the tools, the training, and the body of knowledge.”

Nyota Brown, MBA, CMP, RMC

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Membership Benefits

As the world’s largest network of diverse professionals dedicated to the principles of quality in pursuit of achieving operational excellence, ASQ is where brilliant minds come together to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s triumphs. When you become an ASQ member, you unlock a world of resources that will help you reach your full potential. Embrace this opportunity to contribute to the legacy of excellence and become an integral part of our transformative mission. Here is where you will find the education, experts and tools that you can use to drive organizational change and achieve excellence.

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Make new connections and meet the experts who will spark your growth.  

  • Join your industry peers in Technical Communities for relevant networking such as: 
    • Audit Division  Quality Management Division
    Six Sigma Forum

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Explore ideas and enhance skills that will propel your career.



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Ignite the leadership spark and make your mark on your organization, industry and the world of quality.

  • Achieve globally elected leadership positions through both Technical and Geographic Communities
  • Give back to the quality community with volunteering and micro-volunteering opportunities
  • Shape the future of ASQ with Society-wide voting rights
  • Contribute thought leadership through publishing opportunities
  • Craft articles, books, and more, with the opportunity to have your insights published, establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field.

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Take advantage of all ASQ has to offer without breaking the bank through member exclusive discounts that pay for themselves.



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WhICH Membership is Right For You?

Wherever you are in your career, there is an ASQ Membership for you. Our member levels and benefits are tailored to your current needs and will help you continue growing. Discover the value of belonging to a global community of professionals driving change and leading the future of quality.

Student Membership


For full-time students at an accredited university or college, ASQ’s Student Membership allows you to start your quality career off strong. Gain access to cutting-edge publications and tools, start building your professional network, explore job opportunities and earn certifications at a discounted rate.

Annual membership: $31

Professional Membership


Get a wide range of benefits at the best price, including unlimited access to knowledge and tools to stay at the forefront of quality innovations. Grow your network through conferences and communities specific to your industry and location. Enhance your skills through training and certifications, and gain access to opportunities to lead the future of quality.

Annual membership: $185

Advanced Membership - Senior


Veteran quality professionals and leaders gain all the benefits of the Professional Membership, plus such enhancements as the latest quality publication or access to one of ASQ’s 200+ member-led local sections. Eligibility criteria are outlined in the Senior Membership application.

Annual membership: $185

Advanced Membership - Fellow


ASQ Fellow Membership signifies that you have reached the upper echelon of the quality profession. As an honor bestowed by other ASQ Members, a Fellow joins the ranks of quality visionaries and serves as the backbone of ASQ. In addition to peer recognition, ASQ Fellows receive additional member benefits. Learn more about the nomination process. (Note you must be a member and logged in to view). 
Advanced Membership - Honorary


Honorary Membership is ASQ’s highest grade of membership, bestowed upon individuals who have provided distinguished service to the quality profession or the allied arts and sciences. These individuals must be nominated by at least 10 members, and the award must be approved unanimously by the board of directors. 


Explore the benefits of ASQ Membership and stay up to date on ASQ events and training opportunities and see how ASQ can help you grow as a problem solver and quality professional.  


See what it’s like to be part of a community dedicated to excellence. As a member, you can network with fellow professionals passionate about quality and operational excellence; access free articles from Quality Progress, our monthly magazine; and explore Quality Resources, a one-stop online library of relevant information for all experience levels.  


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ASQ Membership grants you access to even more quality communities and resources, including the exclusive myASQ community, the full Quality Progress archive, member webinars, exclusive member discounts and more!


ASQ Membership is within your reach. If you’re a new member, our “convince your manager guide” will help you make your case to join our quality community. For existing members, you can help us expand our community with our member promo kit or interact with your peers on MyASQ.
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