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International Team Excellence Award


ITEA Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of participating in the ITEA program?

The ITEA program is competitive benchmarking at its best—the highly structed program criteria sets a level playing field for all participating teams to see how well (or poorly) their organization is performing compared to a maturity model. Participation in the ITEA program provides your team the opportunity to:

  • EXPLORE: Understand best practices by using ITEA criteria
  • SHOWCASE: Share your project’s examples of continuous improvement success
  • BENCHMARK: See how your project measures up against ITEA criteria
  • BE RECOGNIZED: Recognize employees and motivate your workforce to pursue organizational excellence at all levels

Achievements in improved performance are presented and awarded in front of a global audience at ASQ’s World Conference on Quality & Improvement, with teams showcasing the quality projects they’ve implemented to make profitable improvements in areas such as customer satisfaction, waste reduction, and employee morale.

See how your team compares to the best—all while promoting employee recognition and motivating staff to embrace quality practices throughout the organization.

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Who can participate in the ITEA program?

For ASQE Organizational Members at the Enterprise and Leader levels, one ITEA entry is included within annual membership benefits to redeem. If your organization does not have an active membership, visit the Organizational Membership page to select a level of benefits that best suits your team’s needs and apply! Team members must be linked to the Organizational Membership to compete in the ITEA program. If you have any questions about this process, please contact orgmembeship@asq.org. For additional team entries, or all other levels of Organizational Membership, the ITEA entry fees below apply.

For the 2021-2022 cycle, ASQE also welcomes individuals within ASQ’s membership, and non-members in the quality community, to apply and participate in ITEA! This program has benefitted quality professionals across the globe and helps to showcase their talent and success. If you are interested in more information, or to complete the application process, visit asqeitea.org to begin your journey.

ITEA Entry Fees: $675 first entry, $575 additional entries (up to 5 teams per location per cycle)

For any questions, or linking instructions, please contact ITEA@asq.org for assistance and information. Also read the ITEA program Terms & Conditions.

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Can an organization submit more than one project?

An organization may submit up to five entries per location by completing the Team Application. If you plan on submitting more than one team, please work directly with the ASQE staff after submitting your application by contacting ITEA@asq.org.

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We completed a project last year; can we submit it this year?

Yes, projects must either be active (still seeing results at the time of submission) or have been completed within the last 2 years and include measurable results. Projects must address all parts of the ITEA Criteria. Projects submitted previously are not eligible for resubmission.

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How much does it cost to enter the ITEA program?

The entry fee for the preliminary round is US $675 and $575 for each additional entry. This fee goes towards the cost of administering the program. Rate subject to change.

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Are we required to show proprietary and confidential information with the submitted projects?

ASQE and ITEA understand and fully respect the need for companies to protect proprietary Information. The criteria does not require teams to provide proprietary or confidential information. It only requires the teams to align their project to the award criteria. However, data that forms the basis for project decisions and project results needs to be directionally and proportionally correct. If a company had a $10mm increase in profit from $100mm to $110mm, but could not show actual numbers, it would be appropriate to show a 10% increase.

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How many rounds of competition are there? And what are the deadlines?

The process has two rounds, and the first is the preliminary round. In this round, teams complete entry materials online (deadline is September 30) and participate virtually. Please review the ITEA program Timeline here.

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Should we wait till September 30th to prepare our PowerPoint file(s)?

We encourage all teams to complete and submit the team application and payment as soon as possible. Once the team’s application has been approved, and payment is processed, teams will receive access to the Participant Portal and additional resources.

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A more extensive ITEA FAQ document will be included within the Participant portal that you will have access to once your application is accepted.