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Mapping the Road to Success with ISO 9001:2008 slide presentation--- Presented by John Baranzelli, Quality Assurance Officer for the Illinois Departmetn of Transportation

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A fresh look at the ISO 9001 standard by chronicling its successful application in the dynamic and turbulent environment of a public service organization: the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). IDOT was the first state transportation agency in the United States to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification for its major business processes and the agency sustained this achievement by transitioning to ISO 9001:2008 in July 2009.

Why Lean Succeeds Both in Private and Public Sectors--Presented by Adil Dalal, ASQ Lean Enterprise Division and Bart Jennings, Austin Water Utility

The Austin Water Utility has, through various city manager efforts, been involved in continuous improvement efforts since the early 1990s. In 2008, the Austin city manager hired Greg Meszaros from Ft. Wayne, IN as the new director for Austin Water Utility. In 2009, Meszaros initiated a Lean program. The Austin Water Utility designated Bart Jennings to corrdinate the Lean effort. He hired two internal facilatators to conduct improvement projects that have projected a value of $2 million.

Enterprise Lean in Minnesota and Beyond--Another State Makes the Commitment Presented by Tom Baumann, Director, Office of Continuous Improvement, Minnesota Department of Administration

The State of Minnesota initiated its Enterprise Lean program in November of 2007. The goal of the program is to introduce, support, and sustain the use of lean, and other continuous process improvement methods to all 24 cabinet-level state agencies by the end of 2010, and to make them available to nearly 50 other state boards and commissions. To date, 22 state agencies, and 16 boards and commissions have been involved at some level in adopting these tools and methods.

Out of Crises: Business Process Management Tools for Turbulent Times Presented by Tom Mosgaller, Director of Change Management for the Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment Services (NIATx) and Past President and Past Chairman of the Board of ASQ
Dr. W. Edwards Deming's seminal book of the 1980s was titled Out of Crises and called for nothing less than a fundamental transformation in the way organizations were managed and led. Grounded in Dr. Deming's work, NIATx, based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has worked to take Dr. Deming's message and translate it into a research-based, practical, and easy-to-use set of principles and practices to help health and human service organizations transform the way they do business. The presentation will be a practical walk-through of the NIATx approach with an emphasis on the tools used.

Lean in State Government in Maine and Beyond: Expanding Our Leadership Agenda
This webinar addresses the following strategic issues associated with making lean a reality in more governments across our country and beyond: (1) how to change our 'worldview' of management; (2) redefining the essence of the work of government; (3) how to directly change or allow nature to take its course in guiding our leaders and leadership mind-set, and, finally; (4) defining what we must do to redesign or rework our current management and/or leadership training syllabus or agenda to focus on operations and operational excellence as its central core message.

Excellence in Customer Service: Lean Management in the State of Georgia By employing lean concepts and strong project management practices, OCS has introduced rapid process improvement to more than 3,500 state employees in 10 divisions from four separate state agencies. Learn how this office is applying lean to focus and improve citizen experiences with state services ranging from Medicaid benefits and motor vehicle titles to academic advising on college campuses. Understand how lean methods form one piece of the puzzle for continuously improving the quality of government services.

 Quality Tools in Government
The performance improvement methodologies of lean and six sigma are having a dramatic effect in the private sector: radically speeding up operations and allowing organizations to efficiently deliver high quality to demanding customers.
Part 1: An Introduction to Lean Thinking
Part 2: Fast Government

Comparing State-Level Performance Management
Both Christine Gregoire, Governor of the State of Washington, and Martin O’Malley, Governor of the State of Maryland, have, in recent years, initiated a state-wide performance management system, based on the "Citistat" model started many years ago in the City of New York. However, this is only two state Governors out of fifty! Are we destined to such a small number of such leaders who are willing to make this commitment? Is it good for management or good for politics or both? This Webinar will continue this discussion from Jonathan’s October 2008 article in Governing and from the 2008 Governing conference in Austin, Texas. Tune in to find out why and how performance management is or is not working at the state level.

The Pursuit of Public Sector Performance Excellence: Fine Tuning Your Management System Using the Baldrige Framework for Long-Term Success
This was an exciting online event where we unlocked the secrets of the Baldrige Total Performance Excellence System and give you the vision, skills, and tools to fine-tune your organizational management system to compete today and into the future. Our Webinar leader, Mr. Craig A. Anderson, shared insights, observations, and knowledge from his 20 years of experience helping organizations optimize performance and results with Baldrige Excellence.

Building a Lean Six Sigma Culture in Iowa Government: If You Can Do It Here You Can Do It Anywhere
Teresa Hay McMahon, Performance Results Director, Iowa Office of Lean Enterprise, State of Iowa
Teresa Hay McMahon reviews the lessons learned in the cultural transformation journey as experienced by the state of Iowa. Since 2003, Iowa has been on a Lean journey that started in the environmental agency, however, quickly expanded throughout the executive branch. Learn what has been key to building a Lean culture where “it hasn’t been easy and it hasn’t always been pretty,” however, significant process has been made “one person at a time”.

Why Baldrige? Making It Work in Our Government and Non-Profit Organizations
Dale Weeks, Senior Executive Officer, Florida Department of Revenue
Most of us have heard the words - Better, faster, cheaper, be customer-centered, do more with less, reduce costs, outsourcing, privatization, benchmarking, budget cutting, Six Sigma, Lean -you name it. How do you manage ALL of these concerns in a humane, caring, and meaningful way, without getting overwhelmed by the potential "flavor of the month" buzz words? This webinar is a brief introduction to the globally proven Baldrige management framework, to include why and how it is actually being used today in both the government and non profit sectors to drive performance excellence. 

The Role of Quality in the Regulation and Inspection of Foods
Steve Wilson, Chief Quality Officer, USDC Seafood Inspection Program
Regulation of any industry requires the agency to consider various methods to arrive at a decision which meets scrutiny with legislation, the administration, and the public. In the case of foods and food inspection, the stakes can be frighteningly high. This webinar looks at how quality tools and techniques have been employed to assist in this activity.

Stakeholder Dialogues
Paul Borawski, CAE, Executive Director, Chief Strategic Officer, ASQ
ASQ has held numerous stakeholder dialogue sessions in locations around the country as a way of advancing the Living Strategy. This session is of interest to public sector practitioners of quality seeking to understanding how to better listen to the voice of the customer as well as to ASQ members who want to know how ASQ is using this method to guide the future of ASQ.

Lean Six Sigma in Government: Success Factors and Recommendations
John Maleyeff, PhD., Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Hartford
Results of a project that explored the application of process improvement methodologies, such as Lean Six Sigma, to services offered in the public sector are presented. Based on comprehensive field research, success factors are identified along with common organizational barriers. Specific recommendations are made to overcome the challenges and initiate a process improvement program that sustains for the long term.



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