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Welcome to the Public Sector Network email list. This is the official listserv for the Government Division of the American

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The way the list works is - a subscriber sends an email to the list, which is then sent to all subscribers. The list has been used for a few purposes. First, it has been a great way for a single member to connect quickly with a large number of public sector professionals for research and benchmarking. For example, I recently wanted to benchmark how Malcolm Baldrige type quality award criteria were being applied in other organizations. Within a few days I had 20+ responses that were invaluable to my research. Another use has been for conducting some of the division's business and connecting with more of our members. As more of us get involved and participate in the network, the more useful and powerful the network becomes as a tool and the more responsive the Government Division of ASQ can be to member needs. A third use has been for sharing employment opportunities - in particular those positions related to Quality, Organizational Development, and Performance Measurement. We are building a community of public sector professionals who all seek to improve how government works, provides services, and engages our citizen partners in governing our communities. Please join us in this noble endeavor.

Traffic on the list averages about 15-20 messages each month, which is pretty manageable for most of us. The list is moderated, so there is little spam or advertising.

Here are some recent postings to the list. These are simply the subject of the list posting, to see the detail of the posting and the entire exchange please go to this internet address:

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The Reinventor's Fieldbook - information about a new David Osborne book

Public Sector News - request for contributions to public sector newsletter

Evaluating the Quality of Preventative Programs - benchmarking the evaluation of preventative type government programs

Performance Based Pay - a dynamic and extensive dialogue related to pay for performance

Stakeholder Confidence Survey - a request for information about existing survey tools or databases

Read any good books lately - a request for feedback in order to update a web site resource list

Police Department Work plans - looking for some examples of outstanding workplans for Police Departments

HR/OD Director Job Description - benchmarking job descriptions for Directors of combined HR/OD units

Top Urban Planning News From 2000 - forwarded internet newsletter related to urban planning

White House 2001 - Envisioning the Next - announcement of an on-line event

Customer Complaints Process - request for benchmarking

Measures for Quality Office and Quality Program E - benchmarking appropriate measures for Quality Program and Quality Office effectiveness

Call for Participation -- Congress - Congress in the Classroom® is a national, award-winning education program

Congressional Research Awards - Congressional Research Awards Announcement

The Reinventor's Fieldbook - unsolicited endorsement of a book

Quality & the Courts - benchmarking improvement efforts in Court systems

ISO 9000 in Education - information request for ISO experience in education

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