ASQ - Government Division



Overview of ASQ Government Division


Who are we?

  • The Government Division of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) has over 1200 quality and performance improvement professionals
  • We are comprised of experts in all areas of government, government leaders, consultants, analysts, practitioners, university professors, students and others interested in the public sector
  • Members are from Federal, State, Local and International Governments
  • Many members are certified in lean, six sigma, quality management, performance management, project management, and much more


What is our vision and mission?

  • Vision: A world where fact-based government is admired for the efficiency and effectiveness of its service.
  • Mission: Finding, developing, and supporting quality and performance improvement champions in government


What is our value proposition?

  • We “live and breathe” quality and performance management and improvement, and are passionate about advancing such a culture in Government
  • We fully grasp the inherent challenges that are unique to the public sector, such as changes in leadership, political agendas, no profit incentive, scarce funds and resources, statutorily imposed obstacles, etc.
  • We have been developing methods and initiatives for overcoming these challenges and regularly sharing success stories of where Government “is doing it right”
  • Our Division is a conduit between ASQ offerings and Government organizations with a desire to make a difference


What special initiatives are we currently focused on for Government?

  • Performance Metrics: We embrace the notion that “if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Performance management is essential because it provides an excellent mechanism to measure the health of an organization, function, project or program. An entity that regularly collects meaningful data on its quality and performance, is more equipped to make “course corrections” and other improvements on a frequent basis, and this leads to effective management. We encourage Government to (1) adopt meaningful performance measurement practices and systems as a means of identifying improvement opportunities and developing sustainable improvements, (2) build a central set of common standardized performance metrics to enable “apples-to-apples” benchmarking between organizations and/or national averages, and (3) link performance outcomes to all associated costs to better understand the real value of Government services and programs.
  • Auditable Quality Standards: We designed a maturity model composed of three quality standards – (1) process management, (2) systems management, and (3) aligned leadership objectives. The standards were derived in part from the very reputable Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework, but redesigned specifically for Government. We are advocating that these standards be used to assess an organization’s level of maturity around the pursuit of quality and performance improvement.




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